Walkthrough Of The Bad Ice Cream 3 Game

The Bad Ice Cream 3 is the 3rd game in the series. It was launched on 20th December 2013 and was confirmed to be in the making in the blog post of Nitrome on 11th December 2013. This game was Nitrome compatible Touchy upon launch.

The Gameplay:

The purpose of each level in the Play Bad Ice Cream 3 Online is the same as that of the previous two games, gather all the fruits on your screen while trying to avoid your different foes. You will have two or more sets of fruits that you must collect. As the foes can’t be obliterated, they have got to be avoided.


Player One:

In the Bad Ice Cream 3 game, the player one can use arrow keys to move around and space bar to the action.

Player Two:

The player two can make use of W, A, S, D keys for moving around and Q key for the action.

Player Three:

The player three will have to make use of D-pad to move around and Button 1 for the Action.

Player Four:

If you are playing like the player four, then you will have to make use of D-pad for moving and Button 1 for action.

Enemies You Will Have To Face In The Bad Ice Cream 3 :

Cactus Monsters:

This enemy sleeps together like a wall and then wakes up once in a while and moves. While they move, they’re furious and perilous to the Bad Ice Cream 3 characters and can also obliterate the ice blocks.


The sandworm is capable of digging under the ground, traveling past any blocks of ice in its course and also moves fast. Where this enemy moves are specified by the tiles bumped and raised ground into the air. It can also consume the ice blocks.

Bad Ice Cream 3


These act like ducks, except these, have a better jump, at the cost of taking longer to make it active, they can also shatter ice blocks.

Mimic Aliens:

Well, these can copy the look and movements of the Bad Ice Cream 3 player.

Udder Cows:

Utilize their udders for shattering the ice. Although they act similar like the orange squid, the enemies can obliterate ice blocks instantaneously.


Star-shaped foes that can spin to shatter one ice block and will create snow angels infrequently to make more monsters.

  • Ice Starfish:

A star-shaped foe made by the starfish and the red starfish when they create snow angels

  • Red Starfish:

Red star foe that can spin to shatter several ice blocks consecutively and will create snow angels occasionally to make more ogres.


In the Bad Ice Cream 3, a collection of round shaped candies that pursue a certain movement pattern. Each peppermint has, in a few stages, a definite pattern they pursue. Also, they can be wedged, but no interrogation sign emerges.

  • Peppermints With Bombs:

The ones with bombs take a bomb that can obliterate the airborne saucers if the saucer brunts the bomb.